Who's Shooting What in 2010? David Liu & Linus Chen

David Liu(Black,in Lorry) on the "assassin mission"
Name of Project: Steadfast
Brief description of Project:
Probably the most ambitious and biggest modern action film made in Singapore, the film features a cast of over 50 people, military and police gun-blazing sequences and a motorcade of BMWs.
Steadfast is a non-profit independent film made by two very ambitious young directors from Singapore. The film is supported by The Singapore Film Commission, Canon Singapore, Samsonite and other private sponsors. Brief Synopsis:
The chairman of an international defense systems corporation attempts to reveal a major financial cover-up, but finds himself the target of an assassin. Only a lone government agent is sent to neutralize the killer, but soon discovers a larger, more sinister scheme at work than a simple hit.
Project Tagline: In a violent world where the strongest survive, can the hope for peace still remain steadfast?
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