'Kwa Giu' by Jacen Tan - In Production

Based on the frequency of words used, Jacen should do a new film called 'Zo Giu'. Zo Giu will be about how to make men out of boys...... eerrr. ok, just ignore my comment. Jacen's new film is actually a documentary about the Kallang Roar and he shot it last year. He probably thought, like many of us, that it would close down. But it's been more than a year.....

Anyway, while this is yet another take on local soccer by a filmmaker, I try to pry on what makes it different from the others. Here's the brief :
Experience the Kallang Roar from the eyes of 55,000 fans who packed the National Stadium at the AFC Cup Final on 31 Jan 2007. Shot with roving camcorders, Kwa Giu (Watch Football) takes you right into the heart of the legendary atmosphere and spirit of the Kallang Roar, one which will be lost forever when the National Stadium is demolished.

Jeremy Sing (JS) : So you are obviously a soccer fan right? Aren't you afraid of repeating yourself with this film?
Jacen Tan (JT) : Yes i am soccer fan. However if u are refering to 'Tak Giu', 'Kwa Giu' is a completely different film cos this is a documentary and sorta a tribute to national stadium. An experimental documentary.
JS : What attachment do you have for the stadium? Is it all soccer related or are there other things too?
JT : I grew up with football. And I remember going to games as a child (though this is a cliche!). It's a very emotional experience, when you step into a real soccer stadium. Very different from what u get watching TV.
JS : I see.
JT : Many so-called' soccer fans might not have even watch a REAL live game in their lives. (pause) I get very intrigued by how soccer has become a culture on its own and how it bonds people together.
JS : Oh it does! Though I am not a soccer fan.
JT : Anyway, this 'Kwa Giu' is about the electrifying atmosphere of the 'Kallang Roar'. There's a certain mood in kallang stadium every match day.
JS : You mentioned exprimental.... how so?
JT : Experimental.. its shot in one day, at a soccer match. Almost like ' a day at a soccer match'. Shot with camcorders, roving around, indie style. In this film, you get to watch the soccer match through the fans. So you won't see much of the game and instead see the fans, watch the fans' emotions at a game, every single emotion in the world is felt! JS : You shot it at a real match right? You must be battling with time then.
JT : Yeap with 3 camcorders. It's okay cos a real game lasts 90mins + 15mins break. My film is 30mins, including scenes before and after the game.
JS : How is the storytelling approach? e.g. do u zoom in on a few characters? Or try to capture general atmosphere?
JT : It's 60,000 characters. However, some will have more screen time.
JS : You always have a very natural sense of humour in all your films. Is it the same here?
JT : Try la haha. In fact, there's already a natural humour at a game.
JS : How so?
JT : Everyone cheers and jeers.
JS : How does your docu flow?
JT : Thats the 'experimental'. You are just seeing the film as if u are there. It starts from outside. It enters the stadium. The players warm up..... then some words appear to guide u.
JS : I can already start to visualise it. I look forward to watching it! (Beat) Actually I will ask this to every filmmaker since there is the feature film trend now. Do you have a feature idea in mind?
JT : Aha. Yea but its floating around. under wraps.
JS : Wa so secretive, not even hints?
JT : Haha.

Catch the 'Kwa Giu' trailer on Youtube here.
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